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Scrapbooking " Big flowers on a card"

If there is one thing I really love, it is having big flowers on a  card, I did this card a while back but it is still one of my favorites for two reasons, as I mentioned Big Flowers and Doodling!!!!Doodling is a technique used in scrapbooking and really, what person can't doodle?? We all did it at school when the class dragged on and some of us, Well!, even made a few trips to the principles office for doing so, hehe. Ignore the date on the pictures, it was an old camera and I didn't know how to set it right.
Big Flowers say "Look at Me, aren't I beautiful?!!!" Sometimes I use a template to draw flowers and other times I cut them out of a gift bag or believe it or not a magazine. You may think that paper in a magazine would be too thin but I do have a solution.
After you cut the flower out, grab an old cereal boxGlue the cut out flower to the printed side of the cereal boxCut around edges, Voila! A much stronger flower.To give it rise, use 3D adhesives ( they com…